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Ready To Save Your Family Hundreds Of Dollars?!

I know, I know... it's only July but we HAVE to talk about ski season for just a minute!

Because NOW is the time to get your discounted season passes, and save your family HUNDREDS of dollars! Come August, prices will increase and you'll be wishing you purchased your passes when you got this email!

With Monarch Mountain and Ski Cooper both nearby, you have two really great options when it comes to small ski resorts. Personally, we love Ski Cooper for the family-friendly feel, budget-friendly passes and beautiful slopes!

And even though snow is *hopefully* months away, did you know that July is the best (cheapest!) time to get your passes?! It’s true! For 9 more days, Ski Cooper season passes for those ages 15-74 are on sale for $329 and kids ages 6-14 are only $149!

(One year, I had full intentions of getting passes in July but totally forgot until August hit and then it cost me an extra $300. I highly recommend NOT doing that!)

And if you prefer to ski Monarch Mountain, now is a great time to snag your season passes for that resort too! They have a few more categories than Ski Cooper but you can see all the details by clicking the button below!

It’s hard to think about skiing with the beautiful, sunny, weather we’ve been having, but future you will be glad you took the plunge and purchased your discounted ski passes this month!

Regardless of what local ski resort you love to call home, act soon to save your family all the dollars and then enjoy unlimited skiing all winter long! Thankful to live in this beautiful valley with so many fun activities at our fingertips.

Ok, enough talk about winter. Let's get back to the warm sun, hiking and biking while it’s here!


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